Physical Education

We aspire to provide children with an exciting, active, enjoyable and high-quality Physical Education curriculum within the academy. Children will experience 2 hours of Physical Education per week along with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities. The academy will provide pupils with a chance to take part in a broad range of activities, develop communication skills, increase physical confidence and develop values such as fairness and respect. Within lessons, children will acquire and develop a wide range of skills and actions which they will learn to apply appropriately within a range of contexts. Children will develop their ability to evaluate performances of themselves and others, suggesting how future improvements could be made. It is vital that children are enthused, encouraged and experience success within the subject, resulting in motivation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in the future.

We Love Netball Club!

Barney… ‘All players are always involved.’

Daisy… ‘I find it fun and I get to learn new skills.’

Elena… ‘Miss Stephens helps us improve and understand how to play the game.’

Phoebe… ‘It feels great that I have learned how to shoot. I like working as part of a team and we are working better together.’

Ennis… ‘It helps us to work better as a team and it’s always really fun!’

Victoria… ‘It’s fun, active and made me want to join a club outside school.’

Dan… ‘It’s fun and we get to do drills and put the skills we learn into games.’

We Love Tag-Rugby Club!

Harry H… ‘I always feel involved and have a great time developing my rugby skills.’

Will C… ‘It is always well organised and active.’

Katy… ‘It’s fun! We do lots of passing skills, warm-ups and we play lots of games.’

Toby… ‘We do lots of competitions and I hope that we can win one in the future.’

We Love Rowing Club!

Isabella… ‘I think it is really good fun, it’s good exercise and we get to take part in competitions.’

Phoebe… ‘I like to work with my friends and it helps me improve my strength.’

Elena… ‘I really like that we get to visit Alcester Grammar and use their rowing machines. I love using them because I have never done it before.’

Katy… ‘It feels great to be prepared for our competition.’

Archie… ‘I love rowing because I get to represent the school in competitions.’

We Love Cheerleading Club!

Phoebe… ‘It’s really good exercise, the teachers who run the club are fun and amazing. Also, you have a really good time with your friends while learning new skills.’

Rosie… ‘I love to move, I love gymnastics and it’s fun!’

Lottie… ‘I have learnt lots of new skills.’

Scarlett… ‘I use lots of energy and learn lots of new things like cartwheels!’

Adam… ‘It’s fun, it involves dancing and it keeps you fit.’

Olivia… ‘Miss Walkey always encourages me to be confident.’

We Love Football Club!

Max… ‘It’s fun and I enjoy playing with my friends.’

Lucy… ‘I love football club because I get to practice and learn new skills.’

Tom… ‘It is a very active game to play with my friends and we play a match at the end of the session.’

Luca… ‘I can learn different skills and I love playing matches.’

Oliver L… ‘It’s a nice experience playing football with your friends and we improve our football as well.’